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Consultation Services

For complex, chronic or co-existing health problems of our patients, our medical professionals offer special attention. We help you understand your case fully and propose the best treatment plan for your quick recovery.

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Rehabilitation Services

Whether it is a brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation or arthritis, our medical team offers physical medicine and rehabilitation services. We help you regain body functions you lost due to a medical condition or an injury.

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Sports Medicine Services

Apart from treating sports injuries, we offer physical examinations for athletes prior to competition to evaluate for possible undiagnosed heart conditions and arrange treatment of mild problems before they cause a serious injury.

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For the best medical advice, visit SD Optimal Functioning.

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Healing services and patient care to maximise function

SD Optimal Functioning is a wellness company in Barbados offering a wide range of medical services in the fields of physical medicine, rehabilitation and sports medicine. Our mission is to ensure that every individual achieves and maintains maximal physical function for as long as possible. We will achieve this by being available, affable, and demonstrating great ability to diagnose and manage problems that cause impaired physical function. Each evaluation is comprehensive and consists of thorough history-taking and physical examination. If necessary, we perform or order additional testing to confirm the diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is made, the appropriate treatment plan is instituted according to the patient’s wishes.

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The Wellness Clinic, Shot Hall Gap Bay St Michael Tel: (246) 537-1313
E-mail: sdoptimalfunctioning@gmail.com

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