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Treatment for injuries

At SD Optimal Functioning, we treat all injuries including stroke or traumatic brain injuries, accident injuries or workplace injuries, joint, tendon, muscle and ligament injuries, spinal cord injuries & sports injuries.

Treatment for pain & disorders

Whether it is amputations, arthritis, back and neck pain, cerebral palsy and other paediatric developmental disorders, chronic pain or nerve and muscle disorders, our medical specialists provide the best treatment for all.


The first step to the right healthcare treatment is to acknowledge the patient’s condition & the cause for pain or decreased function. We will educate you on the correct postures, exercises, medicines & plan the right treatment for you.

Expert providing treatment for injury in Barbados
Medical consultants at SD Optimal Functioning Inc.

Preparticipation Physical Examinations

At our clinic, we believe it is essential for athletes to be evaluated for possible undiagnosed heart conditions before competition and arrange treatment of mild problems before they cause serious injury. Evaluate how fit you are!

Nerve Conduction Studies/Electromyography

Our patients trust us for evaluating and diagnosing nerve and muscle problems. Get evaluated to determine whether you need nerve testing. We have the best medical equipment to diagnose nerve and muscle disorders.

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

When it comes to evaluation of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joint problems, visit our clinic for a musculoskeletal ultrasound. Avoid expensive testing such as an MRI and get a musculoskeletal ultrasound for lower rates & accurate results.


If necessary, we can provide injections to any painful area to accelerate pain relief and return to normal function. By performing these procedures using the guidance of the ultrasound machine, we are confident that we can ensure accurate delivery of medication & avoid damage to sensitive structures such as nerves and blood vessels.

Treating Spasticity with injections

If you have got spasticity (increased muscle tone due to a brain or spinal cord injury), injections of botulinum toxin can be helpful. Trust this muscle relaxing medication for treatment of spasticity. Don’t let spasticity hamper your mobility & performance!

Post-surgery care

Are you on the road to recovery following your surgery? Our experts can help you with after surgery care. Decreased function due to prolonged illness or medical conditions? SD Optimal Functioning can help with excellent body functioning too.

Get evaluated to return to optimal functioning.

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